Material Disposal

Canberra's Leading Waste Construction Materials Recycler

We accept:

Mixed Loads of Concrete, Brick VENM Containing timber or other Contamination will be reclassified as Mixed Demolition & Charged Accordingly.

For ACT VENM Form, please click here. 

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Tip Fee per Tonne, Excluding GST:

Clean concrete – minus 400 mm $8.00
Clean concrete – over 400   mm $12.00
Brick and Concrete Mix $25.00
Asphalt $9.00
Venm (Virgin Excavated Natural Material) $40.00
Bricks /Terracotta tiles / pipes clean $18.00
Demolition Mixed $120.00
Demolition Unsorted $150.00
Drilling water $60.00
Minimum Tip Fee $30.00







We will not accept the following prohibited materials:

Food waste (petrucible), asbestos fibre and matrix, used tyres, green and garden waste, batteries, gas tanks or cylinders, CCF treated timber products, petroleum or oil contaminated materials, paints or chemicals, Styrofoam packaging and insulation materials, carpet, mattresses, computers or TVs

Carpet each roll $50.00
Mattresses each mattress $50.00
Gas bottles $25.00
Tyres small each tyre $30.00
Tyres large each tyre $70.00
Computers / TV'(s) each item $25.00
Koppers logs (ccf, s) each log $25.00
Petrucible waste (food waste) each item $50.00
Liquids (paints/oil/glues/chemicals) each $50.00
Green waste (trees/shrubs/prunings)per m3 $50.00
Styrofoam /insulation materials per m3 $50.00

Bin companies can supply a nominated bin on site for placement of any non-aproved materials found concealed in their loads. This bin must be removed off site to an approved landfill facility on a regular basis. Employees will assist operators on site.

For ACT VENM Form, please click here.     For NSW VENM Form, please click here.